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Harmony 550 remote with Roku Premiere

Is it possible to use a Roku Premiere 3920X with a Logitech Harmony 550 remote? When I click on Add a Device, the selection category list does not anything that seems to include Roku ("streaming video"?). Any hints how to add a device that's not on the list? Note: this is using the older desktop software v 7.7.0. The new Harmojnyn app doesn't support the 550.

Here's what Logitech says:

"The Harmony Team has confirmed:

It's compatible with all Harmony products*
* Roku Streaming Sticks do not work with IR based remotes"

The Premiere is a small box -- not a "streaming stick"?




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Level 20

Re: Harmony 550 remote with Roku Premiere

Isn't there feature where tell software you don't know the brand or model and it has you confirm IR be teaching a few commands, it then finds the rest for you?

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