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Re: Green light won’t stop rapidly flashing

I am having the same issues opened an app and the remote just stopped working but the remote app works,


My serial number is YH000T219410

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Level 7

Re: Green light won’t stop rapidly flashing

OK Problem solved at least for me - Remote clearly faulty with no fix coming forth - Sadly all the suggested fixes above did not work so the remote is now in the bin

Luckily I have a couple of old NowTV sticks that I got for virtually nothing (came "free" with a 3 month subscription to Sky NowTV) These are rebadged Roku devices with limited function - I no longer use these sticks and was going to throw them away

The good news for me was that the remotes work with my Roku Streaming plus stick - So I binned the Roku remote and synced up one of the spare NowTV remotes to the Roku stick

It would be nice to have confirmation as to what the rapid flashing light on the original remote is and confirmation that this means a busted remote as there seems to be quite a few with similar issues

Sorry I cant fix for others

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Green light won’t stop rapidly flashing

Hi @Lnjohnson @NAndriaccio

Thanks for the post.

Have you tried to reset the Roku remote? Are you using new batteries? Would you mind providing the serial number of your Roku device?

If your Roku simple remote or Roku voice remote is not working as expected, you can find troubleshooting tips for common issues, including how to pair and restart your voice remote.

For more information here is the link for you: How to resolve issues with your Roku simple remote or Roku voice remote

Let us know if there's any difference after.

All the best,

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