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Gaming Controller for Roku Ultra?

Roku seems to be clueless that their platform can be used to play lots of great video games. Roku’s version of a “gaming controller” is to simply turn your regular Roku remote horizontally and then you officially have a “gaming controller” haha. I asked support about which third-party gaming controllers are compatible with the Roku Ultra and they were absolutely clueless and acted like I was the first person who ever wanted to use the Roku Ultra to play video games. Or maybe they were shocked that I don’t want to use a basic television remote control as my gaming controller. Either way, has anyone made the attempt to pair any wireless gaming controllers to the Roku and if you have, did it work at all, or was it a waste of time?

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Level 7

Re: Gaming Controller for Roku Ultra?

I started my involvement with the Roku platform way back in 2014 when I originally 'cut the cord'.

Back then, Roku had touted the platform's gaming potential... Games like Chop-Chop Slicer and Angry Birds. The Roku 2XS (which I still have and use occasionally) had remotes that were clearly gamer-centric... They didnt have these silly 'one-touch' Youtube or Amazon Prime buttons, rather, they had an 'A' and 'B' to be used for gaming.  And yep, you held the remote sideways.

It once appeared to have great potential. Sadly, they just seem to have neglected an entire swath of users, market potential, or platform diversity.

If their reasoning for doing so was because they felt that it would be a poor offering when compared to Playstation or Xbox, well, that might be true in one sense. Roku may never approach the high octane gaming those platforms offer, but not everyone needs an F-18 when a 737 will do just fine.

They failed to consider the potential that could have been achieved simply due to the overwhelming ubiquity of the Roku platform, its ease of use and appeal to multiple generations.

I have one friend with an Xbox, and one with a playstation... They rave about their features while quietly forgetting to mention the high multiple-hundred dollar price tag. But nearly all my friends have Rokus... Those gamers included!

What a wasted potential.

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