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Frustrating Ultra/enhanced remote problems.

I have three new roku ultras. All have the same issue. Sporadically the ultras will either temporarily or permanently become unresponsive to the remote. When this happens the remote is apparently still functioning because the little solid white “active” light on the front of the ultra will flicker when the remote buttons are pressed but nothing actually happens. Sometimes the Ultras will finally start doing what the remote has been signaling for it to do. Other times the only way to fix it is to temporarily unseat and reseat the batteries in the remote.
I’ve tried everything. Repairing. Resetting the ultras. New batteries. Nothing fixes it.
By the way, these three new ultras were all factory replacements for three premiere+’s. Those were replaced under warranty for ANOTHER roku specific bug, which is that YouTube videos that are 6 frames per second (which is MANY of the still image music videos) cause the roku audio to stutter (at best) or (at worst) will cause the roku to freeze/buffer/crash. The new ultras also suffer this bug. There are many videos like this but I put a couple on a playlist here... ... _KrfqTDzwq If you are familiar with the songs, you will easily notice the audio stuttering. These videos (and all the others like them) play perfectly on every other device I’ve tried.
I’m probably going to try to dump these rokus and get Apple tv’s. I’m no fan of the Apple remote but these roku problems are getting too frustrating!