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Enhanced Remote and Sonos Sound Bar

I've done a bit of crawling on this forum and the Sonos forum since getting my 55p607 for Christmas . No one seems to be able to get the Enhanced Remote (RC126) to control the Sonos Sound Bar volume directly. When attempting to set up the remote in the Sonos app it asks that you press the volume up button to allow the sound bar the recognize the remote. Doesn't matter how many times you press it, the sound bar never seems to receive the IR signal.

UNLESS you put the remote in pairing mode in which case the sound bar can recognize the remote! I was able to get my Enhanced Remote through the Sonos setup process by repeatedly putting it in pairing mode to get through all the prompts (volume up 3 times, volume down 3 times, mute 3 times). However, the remote is not functional when outside of pairing mode.

I hadn't seen this exact information posted anywhere before.

So I'm guessing that while the remote is connected through WiFi direct it suppresses the IR blaster in some way? Anyone have any ideas?

I've looked at the 'RF Remote Menu' under the Platform Secret Screen but none of the options seem to help. 'IR Transmit Menu' seemed like the best option but the two choices it gives me (load old IR code map, IR xmit test) aren't useful. The 'Enable full UI support for remote' option doesn't seem to have any effect that I can find.

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Re: Enhanced Remote and Sonos Sound Bar

I say you should get the rc126 controlling a tv, your's, or friends, one not in remote control range of the sonos. Then have sonos learn the IR commands from roku remote.
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