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Re: Enhanced Remote: How to get AVR volume control back

I tried using the "secret screen" and enabled AVR codes.  Unfortunately, none of the 4 offered code sets worked with my 6-year-old, high-end, Pioneer Elite SC-91 (which is apparently a little older than CEC).  I even tried different regions, and updating OTA.  No-go.  Strange, since Pioneer is a major player in AVR's and they don't have that many code sets out there.

Very disappointing that Roku is so limited.  My TiVo remote has no issues controlling the Pioneer.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Enhanced Remote: How to get AVR volume control back


Thanks for the post.

Please be aware that Roku remotes do not support AVR control. Roku remotes only support TV volume and power.

Due to the age of this thread, we will be locking this thread. If you are still experiencing an issue related to this thread, please feel free to search the Community for another thread related to your issue, and if no threads currently exist, you are more than welcome to create a new post.


Danny R.
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How to toggle IR vs CEC with OS10?

This thread was a godsend to those of us who use CEC from our remotes to control AVR volume control.   Roku continues to insist this isn't something they support, strangely enough.  (I think someone at roku needs to buy an android device and reconsider that...they support AVRs awesomely)

But with OS10, CEC volume control broke (volume up works, down doesnt - both onkyo and denon AVRs that I've tested).   

OS10 also removed the menu in the platform secret menu that was used to turn CEC control OFF as well as ON.

Prior to OS10 this was:

    • Go into the Platform Secret Screen: Home x5, FWD, PLAY, REW, PLAY, FWD
    • Go into RF Remote Menu
    • Go into IR transmit menu
    • Go into Universal CEC Menu...
    • Select Use CEC instead of IR (and update remo...

So my question:  How do we turn this mode OFF now if we have it turned on and want to turn it off?

Ideally we could still turn it back on, too, but I doubt that will be an option, so I'm sure this is a one-time change and we lose functionality that we've had since at least 2013 when I bought my first roku 3.

(and no, I can't use ARC and plug the roku into the TV, or have my TV control my AVR via CEC.  my 2007 plasma doesnt support those options)

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