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Level 7

Certain remote buttons won't function

The remote to my streaming stick + moves the cursor and functions properly with all of the purple buttons except two: the "OK" button and the "down" arrow button.

The down arrow button won't allow scrolling down through a vertical menu list. The OK button will not allow choosing a network or a program within a network.

The batteries were changed twice within a half hour. They were newly purchased batteries.

Is there something I can "fix" or is the remote faulty and needing replaced?



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Level 20

Re: Certain remote buttons won't function

With new batteries you could try re-pairing it to the roku. Unplug the roku's power for a bit and plug it back in, when it starts to bounce start pressing the pairing key in the battery compartment. When the roku stops bouncing release the pairing button for a sec and start pressing again until you get confirmation its paired. 

See if it works better now?

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