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Cannot Permanently Dismiss Roku Remote TV Volume Control On-Screen Notice

Last night I set-up a new Streaming Stick+ to replace a 5+ year old Roku.

My problem: I control the TV audio via a stereo receiver.  I have the Roku configured accordingly.  When I accidentally push the remote's volume control (which happens a LOT) a pop-up message informs me that I cannot control volume via the remote.

There are two buttons in the pop-up: OK and Never Show This Again.  I have tried using every button on the remote to select the latter option without success as well as a few desperate button-press combos.  I have also looked for a menu option but I have not found one.

This issue is going to drive me crazy sooner than later. . .  The volume button's placement on the right side of the remote means I am going to accidentally push it on a regular basis. I'm wondering if the remote is malfunctioning and that I may need to return the Roku.

I'm hoping that there is a simple answer that I somehow overlooked.  Thanks!

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Re: Cannot Permanently Dismiss Roku Remote TV Volume Control On-Screen Notice

No, its working correctly after you programmed the tv brand in, you can't have the tv power key without also having the volume commands. 

Reprogram the remote for the tv, this time lie to it, skip the one that mutes the music by saying clicking NO, then stop on one where it didn't mute the music by clicking YES. 

settings> remote & devivces> remote> remote in use> program tv> 

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Re: Cannot Permanently Dismiss Roku Remote TV Volume Control On-Screen Notice

I tried the steps. . . I never got to an option where the music was muted.  When I pressed YES on the first option (Code 1) it would just repeat the same code.  I also tried pressing NO until I ran through the available codes and then it said that my Samsung TV cannot be controlled by the remote.  But the remote power button is powering the TV ON/OFF.

I did not actually program anything after connecting the Roku.  Initially I assumed that it was using the settings from the previous Roku unit.  I now realize that is likely not the case and that it automatically configured itself and/or is using default settings.

I am watching an older 1080p Samsung UN40H5201AF purchased June 2015.  It has a 1.4 HDMI port.

Is there another programming step that I should perform so the remote will not have control over the TV?

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