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Can I still buy a Roku that supports private listening via remotes I already have?

I'm in a weird position - I have 2 Roku 3's, a Roku 2, and a Stick. Having been notified that the Roku 2 will no longer get updates I want to replace it. But it's in the garage on a small 720p TV that we use only for watching on the treadmill, and private listening through the remote is a requirement. Using the app is a non-starter for this particular one.

Based on what I'm finding on Roku's site, the only models that come with that feature now are the Ultra and the Stick+LE, which are $99 and $59 respectively.

I clearly don't need, or want to pay for, 4k on this TV.

The remotes I have currently with headphone jacks are two RC03 and an RC35, and I could move one of them to the garage to work with a new model that maybe didn't come with a headphone remote.

I wouldn't mind spending $40 on a Premier or an Express+, but I can't verify whether any I can buy now would work with the remotes I have.

Am I basically stuck buying a new Roku for in the house and moving one of my old headphone capable models to the garage?

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Re: Can I still buy a Roku that supports private listening via remotes I already have?

You can pair the old remote to say premiere, but private listening will not work. The Roku Stick+LE is new and comes with headphone remote, but since you already the headphone remote go with last years model of Stick + for $49, or even cheaper renewed one. The headphone remotes work on the older stick+'s even though they didn't come with such remote.

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