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Buy a new Device or use ebay?

Dear Roku inc,

I am writing today to inform you of the very terrible practices of Roku in Canada. I attempted to get a new remote for my device and was told warranty was expired and I could not be helped. I was told to buy a new device or try third party options on Ebay? that hardly seems like an acceptable option.I happen to know that users in the US can buy items directly which I would  be happy to do and is what I am advocating for here today!

I have been a loyal fan of roku  for 3 years. I have been recommending roku to to everyone I know every chance I get I I work for a successful web marketing and hosting firm I know exactly how Business should be run and how I should be treated I must point out that not allowing users to buy product and product accessories directory from a company that sells propratry hardware is an extremely poor and rather short sighted approach to business in multiple markets   I love the company and the product   But not this time. I’m sure  there are reasons but as a consumer in Canada I find this unacceptable and it feels like Roku does not care about customers in Canada it is appalling that i was told to buy a entire new device or buy a 3rd party remote on Ebay  

Thats a copy of a email I sent to the consumer advocate I doubt I will get a response I just do not understand why Canadian users can not buy direct?

nor why we are told to use Ebay? 

I look forward to your immediate reply and a resolution to my problem.
Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: Buy a new Device or use ebay?

Is the device a Roku stick that is purple in color?  If so, that model used a unique remote that has not been used by any model since then and its remote is no longer available.  That may be why they suggested trying ebay.

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Re: Buy a new Device or use ebay?

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