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Buffering problems with Roku Premiere device

To the Roku Community:

Spectrum is our cable/internet provider to our home in Milwaukee, Wis. The cable comes in from the street and attaches to our living room TV, then a wireless signal connects to the Roku streaming media device attached to the bedroom TV. That's where the problem is.

Spectrum advised that I buy the Roku Express media player device, which I did, for $24.95 at Best Buy. I have had significant problems with the service. Frequently, the TV image freezes, then goes to black for a few moments and then returns. But this time the image is blurry. After a few minutes, the sharp image returns. This happens as often as five times an hour. In an onscreen message, Spectrum tells me that the problem is "buffering".

At Spectrum's suggestion, I upgraded to the Roku Premiere model for $39.99, again at BestBuy. I plugged it in and the image was prefect -- for ONE DAY! Then the buffering and blurry images returned.

I'd like to know if I should upgrade to yet another Roku streaming device, or if something else is the problem.

Sincerely, Robert Mullins


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