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April refresh of Roku accessory remote models?

As we know the current Roku players came out in 2017, whereby 3 models now come with voice remotes having TV power and volume buttons.  The Ultra has been bundled with the RC135 enhanced remote (where the 4th channel shortcut button is HBO Now).  The Stick has been bundled with the RC127 remote (4th shortcut is DirecTV Now), while the Stick+ has been bundled with the RC150 remote (4th shortcut is PS Vue).  RC127 and RC150 are otherwise identical slim remotes.

The Roku accessories site had been shipping the RC135 when ordering the "Enhanced Voice Remote", but apparently they're now shipping a new remote model RC193 with a different 4th channel shortcut.  Does anyone know what that button is, I can't make it out from the thumbnail image (Vudu?).

Similarly they had been shipping the RC127 when ordering the "Streaming Stick Voice Remote".  It's still being listed as RC127, but the current thumbnail image seems to indicate an RC150 instead (Vue vs DTVN).  So, has there been a change here as well?

Would like to find out before ordering more...

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Re: April refresh of Roku accessory remote models?

FWIW the new "Enhanced Voice Remote" model RC193 has CBS All Access as the 4th channel shortcut button (replacing HBO Now on model RC135).

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Re: April refresh of Roku accessory remote models?

Any chance of somebody smarter than me helping me with a ROKU TV Remote that's gone wonky?  I have a TCL ROKU TV - 55UP130 - from SAM'S Club (summer 2016 purchase) and it has a RC64 remote that - about a month or so ago - just stopped working with the headphone jack.  When I put my headphones in the side of the remote, I get the 'headphone' icon in the upper left screen volume circle, but I get no sound out of the headphones, nor does the TV's volume go off.  Worked OK for a couple of years, but then  -poof - a month or so ago, no headphone sound!  (I like to watch opera sometimes a 'live performance levels' in the evening in the living room when my wife is asleep in the nearby bedroom.  I don't want to disturb her.)  I tried TCL ROKU support tonight...lots of wasted time turning things off then on (TV, then remote (removing batteries)) then re-pairing, and so on.  End result was that the tech told me, "sorry, the remote is probably bad and you need another" - one year warranty form TCL, so no more help!  So I go on Amazon, eBay and such and find NO remote "RC64" anywhere!  Everyone is out of stock! the RC193 an OK substitute ($30 is OK with me if I can get the headphone jack working!!!) for the RC64 that I now have (remote otherwise perfectly OK, just no sound out of the headphone jack!)?  Thanks to anyone listening that can assist.
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Re: April refresh of Roku accessory remote models?

Does Mobile Private Listening work without issue?  (Using phone/tablet to listen)

If so, you'll need to contact TCL for a new remote.  If not, then please PM me the following information:

  • Serial Number/DeviceID

  • Current Firmware version and build number

  • Roku Account Email Address (all of the above available via (Settings > System > About)

  • Name, address, phone number, and best time of contact (if we need to contact you directly)
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