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Any Home repair methods for the Roku Remote input?

Below is a paragraph from a closed thread 4 months ago about issues with the headphone jack. 
Best Buy replaced for free, the 3nd Roku remote with a new one, that remote is now on the way out.
I heavily use the Roku remote headphone jack, about 5-6 hours a a day. Often more hours as i listen to over night tuneinradio or music or FFRC from Roku channels as i sleep.

Lets keep this thread on topic: Are there any home repairs i can do to fix the input jack on Roku remotes? Before the input completely breaks, often sound will start to stop in one headphone side. Jiggling it around, i can often get a month or 2 or 3 more out of the remote.  No, its not the headphones.

This is from another thread:
"Here is the issue. 
The 1st Roku i bought with an input jack, the input jack broke in about roughly  2 years.
I bought a 2nd Roku will an input jack, that input jack lasted over a year.
The 3nd Roku i bought 6 months ago, the input jack broke lasted month"

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