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7 Second Rewind

When we first got the Roku there was a button that rewound a movie 7 seconds then replayed it with closed captions. We had a problem with our audio and in the process of resolving that we had to do a factory reset. Since then the rewind button performs differently. Now it rewind the movie to the beginning and there are no captions. I've looked all over the settings to try and find a way to reset this feature but cannot find it. How do I set the rewind button back to 7 seconds with captions?

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Re: 7 Second Rewind

What the rewind buttons do can vary from app to app. There is, nor has there ever been, a defined "7-second rewind" button on Roku. There is a Replay button (a circular arrow) that can rewind however long the app developer says. On some apps, it actually restarts the video, rather than replay. The Rewind (RW) button is the one with two left arrowheads. Fast Forward (FF) is two right arrowheads. 

Most apps do use the Replay button to rewind video a few seconds. It varies from app to app, as stated. For example, on Hulu, it rewinds 10 seconds. On Amazon, it restarts, but it hasn't always; this is a new behavior. On Vudu, it's a 15-second rewind. And so on.

If the Replay button doesn't do what it used to do, it's because either the app developer decided they wanted it to do something else, or they simply made a mistake with an update.

You didn't bother to say which app you were using. If it was Amazon, try using the Rewind button instead of the Replay button.

You may also wish to check the Roku caption settings under Settings > Accessibility > Captions Mode > On Replay. However, not every app obeys this device setting. Amazon doesn't, for instance.
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