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4 Roku 3 2 pair with all 4 remotes 2 wont pair with any remote how to fix the 2 non pairing rokus?

  Ok so as the subject heading says I have 4 roku 3's for 4 Tvs 2 of which work and will pair to any of the remotes but I have 2 other roku 3's that each time they start up go right from the startup screen to selecting language and it doesn't matter which remote i try to pair with either the 2 defective ones as ill describe them won't see any of the remotes.  I have even stuck a pin in the reset hole in the back of the 2 devices to reset them that way but they still come up through the splash screen and go right to selecting a language without finding any remotes.  I have also tried downloading the smartphone app and tried to get them to pair that way but the app see's the 2 working rokus but wont see either of the 2 that aren't pairing.   The only thing I can figure is they are defective or somehow the wireless for the receivers isn't working.  Has anybody ever come across this issue? if so what did you do to fix it?


  Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I didn't know where else to post it to.

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Re: 4 Roku 3 2 pair with all 4 remotes 2 wont pair with any remote how to fix the 2 non pairing roku

If all 4 remotes pair with a Roku 3 then the remote are working fine and the batteries in them aren’t dead. My only suggestion is to factory reset the Roku 3 you want to pair the remote with while all other 3 Roku units are unplugged (aka powered off).

As well, all 4 of these Roku 3 units are the Model 4200?
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Re: 4 Roku 3 2 pair with all 4 remotes 2 wont pair with any remote how to fix the 2 non pairing roku

 Both are 4200X players and I have tried everything I can think of to get them to pair with any remote but they just wont. They keep powering up go through the splash screen and then go right to selecting language but wont see any remote I try to pair with them.  The other players were powered off while doing this but the players still don't see any remote.  It's not that they are paired to a remote they just don't seem to see any remote.

 How do you do a factory reset?  I have pushed in the rest button on the back of player but that just power cycles the player.  Is there a way to use that to put it into factory reset mode?  By the way the Roku3 are a year old and when I got them we were looking to disconnect from Directv but they offered us a good deal to stay so when I couldn't get them to work I just shoved them into a box and left them.  But the deal with directv pasted and they didn't offer it again so I pulled them back out and tried to get them working again but still wont work.

  I went online and ordered a couple Roku Premiere+ players and got them today and the first one worked when it came up saw remote went through and saw an update to the software and installed it then restarted and it didn't see the remote it had been paired with so I put it into pairing mode and at first it wouldn't see the remote took a min for it to see it then it paired with it and everything was fine got the setting setup for it and put in the code on my Roku page and got it working.  After that I took out the other Premiere+ and hooked it up to the same power and HDMI hookup I had the other Premiere+ hooked up to and it came up saw the remote for it and paired then saw the same update and installed that then rebooted came up didn't see a remote went to language so I did the same thing with the remote for that pressed the pairing button on the remote but it wouldn't see it at first then after a couple min it went into pairing mode and just sat there trying to pair but didn't.  After a bit it just went to the screensaver and I couldn't get it to come back as there was nothing to wake it up or do anything.  It basically does the same thing as the 2 Roku3's.  Is this a common thing or am I just somehow getting the bad ones?


  So as it sits now I have 3 working Rokus and 3 non working Rokus.  Not a good average 3 for 6 about half not working is not a good average in my book.

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