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2nd remote and power button

Why on earth, does the second remote I bought for upstairs not have a power button or volume control.  And speaking of volume this is the most extreme, uneven volume ever.  And don't tell me to buy a sound bar.  I won't waste any more money on Roku.

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Re: 2nd remote

There are around 4 different Roku remotes available depending on whether you want TV controls, Wi-Fi vs IR, voice control, etc.

There are also Roku TVs - I suspect you may have one of those since you're complaining about volume. Then again, I would think a TV remote would have TV controls, so I'm not sure what you have. Smiley Happy  In any case, if you do have a "Roku TV", Roku is just a supplier of an OS, but the choice of screen, speakers, etc. is controlled by whoever made the TV. (TCL etc.)

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: 2nd remote


Thanks for the post.

What Roku model device/TV do you have, and which remote did you purchase?

With more information we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Re: 2nd remote

The TV downstairs is a new TCL Roku TV.  The TV upstairs is a Westinghouse.  I don't see what  a connection that functions with 2nd TV should have anything to do with a piece of**** remote with no power button and no volume button has to do with any of that.  Explain.  Some scam to make more money?

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Re: 2nd remote

You gave us no usable information on the remote YOU picked out and purchased. You left us asking questions to get at what you actually bought and what roku you need it for. So you have left us to assume what you might have purchased?

Here's my assumption, you purchased the cheapest remote roku sells, the Simple roku IR remote. And right it doesn't have tv controls, reason no non-tv roku IR remote has tv controls only Wifi Voice remote have tv controls. The reason roku sells such a remote because there are many older roku models that don't accept wifi remotes and only use IR remotes. 

I'm guessing the TCL tv remote is fine, you have stand alone roku model connected to non-roku tv, the westinghouse? Name the model and name of roku you have? So we can tell you if it accepts wifi remote, and so would work with roku voice remote with tv controls. If you did your homework you wouldn't have purchase the wrong remote. 

Roku tv IR remotes have tv power and volume keys, but are useless on stand roku consoles and sticks. And Roku doesn't sell Roku tv IR remotes that you have to get from the tv manufacturer. 

If you want remote that controls the roku by iR and controls your tv power and volume get a cheap universal remote from target, walmart or the dollar store, just make sure it lists roku as a device. 

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