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2 Rokus remotes in house conflict

I have 2 Roku ultras in the house.  Two different rooms with door between them.  I have had them both for a few months with no issues.  One is 3 years old and the second one is about 4 months old. This week the Roku on the main tv is not responding to the remote after it starts up.  It does start and then does not respond.  Apparently the Roku in the other room starts up also and works fine.  Why won't the one that is not responding work after startup?

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Re: 2 Rokus in house conflict

Have you checked the remote batteries? The remotes are RF-based and tied to the device. If the RF pairing is lost, it may control via IR, which requires proper aiming at the Roku. After changing the batteries, it should basically control it with IR if the RF pairing is lost. You can then re-pair it if needed.

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Re: 2 Rokus in house conflict

1) Make sure the batteries are fresh/havent been drained (this happens with Roku remotes)

2) Try powering down the working Ultra and removing the batteries from its remote.

3) Remove the batteries from the non-working Ultras remote, and pull the power from the Ultra for a minute or three, then re-power the Ultra, and as its booting up, put the batteries back in its remote.

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Re: 2 Rokus remotes in house conflict

I may be wrong, but I think all Ultras came with point-anywhere remotes that must be paired to the Roku in order to work.  Perhaps yours has become unpaired and needs to be re-paired.

Video from Roku re how to pair point-anywhere remote:

As there is a second Ultra in the mix, I'd power down (unplug) the working Roku while trying to re-pair the other one to be sure you pair to the correct Roku.

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