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youtube won't show full display with older tv


I have an ilo sdtv, thinner but not a standard  flat screen. For quite a while, when I try to watch youtube I can't see the menu on the left hand side because the display is too large for the screen. Has anyone solved this problem? I have a Roku LT and there are two display settings within the Roku menu.  I have this problem with both setttings. I have the same problem with the newly added CBC all access channel. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Re: youtube won't show full display with older tv

I don't know if that's a digital SDTV, or an older CRT, but check the TV menus for something that might control the aspect ratio. It sounds like it might be set to expand or something similar. 
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Re: youtube won't show full display with older tv

Older TV's have an issue called "overscan" which means at the edges there is a slight crop off of the image. Older TV programs made sure to fit all relevant video information inside this overscan cutoff point so nothing was missing, but TV's today don't have overscan anymore. Because of this modern apps are designed for 16:9 TV's which do not have overscan. Youtube and other apps do not take into consideration people using older TV's because if they had they would have included an option for "Overscan Compensation" and this issue wouldn't be happening. Because that would push the edges slightly inward so they wouldn't be cropped off, there are some apps that do have this option but most don't. The bottom line is nothing is designed for older TV's anymore and companies can't even be bothered to add simple settings to compensate for overscan which would easily solve this problem, but they simply don't care. If you want a full picture you'll either have to use a newer TV or simply put up with having parts of the screen cut off. You can message the companies and ask them to add options into their apps to compensate for overscan but my guess is those complaints will fall on deaf ears because people using older TV's are the vast minority now.
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