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what is the "4k creative pro" upscaling function?

on the description for the tcl tv model i purchased " tcl 55s425" it says this:


  • 4K Creative Pro Upscaling allows you to view your favorite HD content in near 4K quality

but i don't actually know how to use it. i googled, and found a reddit thread where someone asked the same question, and a response they got was that you press the star/settings button on the remote, then go left/right under picture mode until it showed up.

but mine doesn't appear to do that. i've tried on various apps, content played off of a flash drive, ect. nothing. there is a "low power" mode i've never seen before, but no upscaling mode. 


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Re: what is the "4k creative pro" upscaling function?

TVs can only display images in the native resolution of the digital display screen.  Any input signals coming in with other resolutions must be up-scaled or down-scaled to this native resolution.  All digital tvs do this, although some are more limited than others as to what input resolutions they are able to accept and rescale.

In your case your 4K set displays everything at 4K (3840 horizontal pixels x 2160 vertical pixels).  If the channel you're watching has a lower resolution signal, the set will upscale it to 4K in order to display it,  For instance, if you feed it a 1080 HD signal (1920x1080) the tv will double the pixels in both the horizontal and vertical directions to get to its native resolution, so each individual pixel received gets converted into 4-pixel block (i.e. 2x2).  It has to create additional information as to what to put in those 4 pixels by sophisticated analysis of that one pixel and the pixels around it in the original feed to tailor each of those 4 pixels into a realistic looking block that blends well with the other 4-pixel blocks being created around it.  This is all very complex and some sets are better at it than others. (For a 720HD signal like you get from ESPN, ABC, and FOX, that means a tripling of each pixel to a 9x9 block).

Anyhow, it sounds like TCL calls their implementation of this essential function "4K Creative Pro".  I don't think it's something you have a control for, it's just something the set does because it has to.  Otherwise, that 1920x1080 signal would just occupy 1/4 of your screen.

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