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v8.0.0 software update gives purple screen saying "HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled"

  • Channel name: Netflix, Amazon Prime, IPlayer

  • Channel version: Instructions in the sticky didn't work to find this.

  • What is the issue being reported? Since the update (8.0.0 / build 4143) I get a purple screen saying "HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled" when I start up my connected systems after the roku is power on. Rebooting the Roku solves the issue but this basically means that every time I want to watch something I have to reboot the roku which is really frustrating.

  • What are the steps to reproduce? Turn off the systems attached to the roku. Turn them back on. Try to stream some content. Get the purple screen.

  • Is it reproducible (how many times out of 5 does this happen)? 5/5

  • What is the serial number of the box? 426581003173

  • What software version is the box running? 8.8.0-build 4135-04
Nice to have:

  • Code for the channel installed. - how do I find this?

  • Is the box connected to the internet via wireless or a wired connection? Gigabit ethernet

  • What type of internet service does the user have? Fiber

  • How is the box connected to the TV? HDMI to Denon X2000 receiver then receiver to HDMI splitter then HDMI splitter to projector.

  • What resolution is being used? 1080p

  • If it is a paid channel is the user a subscriber/member, and for how long? subscriber for several years
Other Information:

  • Television Make/Model? Epson 9200TW

  • Receiver Make/Model? Denon AVR-X2000

  • Other components make/model that's in the mix? Lindy 6x2 HDMI Matrix

  • Approximate time of last incident? Current / ongoing problem
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Level 7

Re: v8.0.0 software update gives purple screen saying "HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled"

Bump. This is still happening every day.
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