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sudden occurrence of error 020

My Vizio TV is around 10 years old.  I have had my Roku Express for a year and it had been working perfectly until a few days ago.  I have done everything suggested, but I still get the error message after a few minutes of watching a tv program.  I have tried different HDMI cables including all the various unplugging and turning off, etc. etc. recommendations.  I will add that the screen blinks sometimes as the Roku is coming on and when the message is on the screen.  Is my Roku defective now?  Is it the TV? Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Re: sudden occurrence of error 020

This is a HDCP error.  In a nutshell, it is a copyright/anti-piracy protocol that is incorporated into devices. (smart TVS, streaming devices, game consoles, computer monitors, everything). Both the devices and the cables in the system must be HDCP compliant in order for the media to be played. (this is not specific to the Roku or streaming devices, its almost everywhere.) Happens alot with Chromecasts on older TVs.

If your Roku Express has been working on this Vizio TV for a year, then I would say both these devices are HDCP compliant. (the Express for sure, as it is part of Roku software.)  If you had just hooked your Express to this older Vizio from another TV, and it stopped working, then I would say issue was with your TV being non- HDCP compliant.

In this case, it is just a case of the license verification process of HDCP not being recognized.

1. If your Roku Express is HDMI cabled, then unplug HDMI and reseat HDMI.  Otherwise may need a new HDMI cable. Otherwise, do same for your A/V cables if so equipped.

2. Manually update your Roku Express.  SETTINGS....SYSTEM...SYSTEM UPDATE...CHECK NOW (Press that button regardless of version showing.  Latest will be 9.4 build 4200)


Now see if that fixes your issues.


***If not, then the workaround is to install a $10-$20 HDMI Splitter in line. (called a HDMI 1x2 Splitter).  This is a splitter that ignores HDCP requests and make older non-HDCP compliant devices work by again, ignoring the HDCP requests for verification.  You have to make sure you do not buy a splitter that is HDCP compliant or you will be back in same boat.  Just read the specs. If you have the older Express wthout an HDMI, you will then need an additional HDMI to AV Converter/Adapter as well.(again $10-$15).

And for anyone wondering, no... it is not unlawful for an end-user to bypass HDCP compliance when intended purpose is to make a non-HDCP compliant device function with a HDCP compliant device.  

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Roku Employee

Re: sudden occurrence of error 020


Thanks for the post.

As @AvsGunnar mentioned, the error code you are experiencing is a HDCP error code. For more information about how to troubleshoot this issue, visit our Support page here: What should I do if I see a “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen?


Danny R.
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