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streaming stick 3810X + older insignia TV = vertical bars on sides

Insignia Model NS-LCD47HD-09, 1080p-ready. No screenzooming or anything like that.
Brand New 3810X  software v. 9.2.0

720p initially shows vertical bars, then after choosing it, it seems okay.

1080p and "automatic" display type both show vertical bars all the time.
Once. by hard-booting Roku device while TV was off, I seemed to get 1080p to work and fill the screen, but then never again.

Previous 3600X streaming stick worked fine w/ this TV using 1080p

I also seem to remember having similar issues with 1080p, this tv, and the Roku 2 XD 4210R many years ago.

Does anyone have suggestions?


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Level 9

Re: streaming stick 3810X + older insignia TV = vertical bars on sides

After 3 months, hoping for software to address this, I'm giving up. I want to get the whole picture.

I just ordered a 3600x off ebay to step back to a known-working Roku device.

Support offered me an RMA as if it is a hardware issue. I'm not gonna deal with that. Is there really a feasibility that the device 100% works except for detecting hdmi and producing a correct aspect ratio, I can't buy that it's a presumed hardware manufacturing defect? (this happens with 2 different 3800 devices on all hdmi ports). The "defective" devices work on other TVs. In other words, it is very likely that this is an incompatibility with older TV hardware that was introduced in the 3800 model or software.

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Re: streaming stick 3810X + older insignia TV = vertical bars on sides

Try the aspect ratio settings on your TV. That might fix the issue, as I’m 100% sure that the only thing you can do to your Roku models via Settings > Display type is adjust the resolution of the output when connected via HDMI.



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