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spontaneous button feedback sound on audio of Roku

I use my Roku [Premiere 1] for streaming audio the majority of the time, with watching video on it only about 25% of the time.

On streaming stations which either have quiet passages of music or silence between tracks, I've noticed that 'donk' sound that one normally hears when selecting something with the remote. I used to think it was the live streaming radio station I listen to most often (WMFU in New Jersey), thinking their air room's computer had chat sounds donking in the background. But when wearing good headphones, I can hear it on automated streaming stations such as Soma FM's Drone Zone.

Is it possible that my Roku is generating the unwanted sounds internally? Has anyone else run into this issue? It's not as loud or pronounced as when I actually make a selection on my unit, but it's unmistakably there, just under the music - and mainly apparent during silences.

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