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severe audio lag

I only have this problem with Live KH.  When I tune in, the audio keeps getting farther and farther behind, until it is almost three minutes off after about an hour and a half.  I purchased a new Roku, the Ultra moldel, hoping this would help.  It didn't.  I ran an ethernet cable and hard-wired the Roku Ultra to the modem, and it still did not help.  Here is a curiosity:  I can run three mobile devices using the Android app for Live HK, and all three will run with the audio in sync the whole time while the TV lags farther and farther behind.  This is the only Roku channel I have this problem with.  I can watch HD movies on Hulu and Netflix on two different TVs at the same time (and different movies, too) and the audio and video are always in total sync.
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Re: severe audio lag

I would notify the developer of the channel directly, if that's th only one that has issues.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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