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roku stick aspect ratio

I have a 75 inch Samsung TV and a Roku streaming stick. In the TV settings the aspect ratio is set to force 16:9 but many shows that were filmed in 16:9 are stretched to widescreen mode. Naturally that makes everything shorter and wider including the people. Changing the resolution from 1080 to 720 makes no difference. I don't mind watching widescreen movies that were filmed that why but why the **bleep** would anyone want to watch 16:9 that way. In the Roku options there doesn't seem to any option for  aspect ratios. does anyone else have this problem and how can I fix this?

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Level 17

Re: roku stick aspect ratio

I haven't noticed any aspect ratio problems with my Roku on my Samsung.  I think the TV is set to something like "screen fit" which is not supposed to mess with the picture size.

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