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roku soundbar no video signal blinking red light?

roku soundbar was working fine, bought it 2 month ago.  Went to turn it on and i'm seeing "no signal" and a red/orange light blinking..... no video.  Tried unplugging, tried different hdmi cables and different hdmi slot did not fix.

Wifi in the house is good.  WHen i goto "Source" on 6 month old tv, the roku soundbar is recognized and shows up no matter which hdmi slot i put it into.

tried pressing reset button for 10 seconds, the light stopped blinking and turned green for a few seconds, then started blinking red/orange again and still no video.

when i click the roku remote i can hear the distinctive roku audio "blips" so i assume audio is ok.

What might be the problem?  How do I fix or proceed?  Seems like it might be a major problem that means replacement.

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