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roku premier with samsung soundbar

I have a new Roku premier connected through a fairly new Samsung sound-bar then onto an older Sharp TV. 
The problem is that the TV goes "gray" every 7 minutes, while the audio continues fine. The duration varies, anywhere from 5 to maybe 30 seconds. It is the same screen when you try to run too high of a resolution during setup. So I have gone back to setup and forced it to 720p, 1080p, and auto-detect, all with the same results. It's like it gets in this loop for auto-detect and goes back to a working resolution, 1080p at best. 
The TV is older and cannot feed audio back to the soundbar, so I have to go Roku > soundbar > TV.
An older model Roku my GF has does not cause this issue in the same configuration.
Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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