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roku 3 sound comes only through remote

So my this roku 3 was working perfect,untill the sound now does not play on TV. But when I plug in headset into the jack in roku remote, it plays fine thorugh the roku remote. Also I noticed that when I take off the batteries from the roku remote which has audio jack, then  sound most of times starts playing on the tv. This problematic roku works fine with a new simple remote that does not have the audio jack. I am confused. I read this is common glitch, Any work arounds to fix it? I tried putting headset into jack into roku remote and taking it out few times. Also tried switching to nonhdmi channel then to hdmi channel after 3 seconds 
Or do I need to do something else?(Is buying a new remote solution or is it glitch thats going to be in new remote with audio jack too?) Please guide me,life is boring without roku.
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Re: roku 3 sound comes only through remote

You could try inserting and removing the headphone from the jack several times.. it sounds like the remote thinks there's headphones plugged in at all times. If that's the case, and the above trick doesn't work, then you need a new remote.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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