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I have had my 3800R in the same place for about 2 years. Last night, for the first time, I starting getting a screen message of overheating. Never got a message like that before.

I am curious... the only difference was what I was watching. It was one of the walking tours on YouTube. It says 4K Ultra HD 60fps. My television is not 4K. The video played and looked fine. Could that have overheated the Roku stick? I have noticed in the past how very hot it  gets to the touch. Unplugging for it to cool down does not make it less hot when playing again. It is NOT in a closed tight area. I always have the ceiling fan on for circulation too.

Any thoughts?
Will the stick stop working altogether if it keeps heating this way?

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Level 7

Re: overheating

I am having the same trouble.  It is also starting to freeze up and not load apps.

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