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no video output

I have had the same issue now with two different Roku devices, a Roku 4 and a Roku Ultra.

I have a pretty simple setup:

  • LG 4k TV
  • Onyko Receiver
  • Roku Ultra 4670X

The receiver has other devices attached to different inputs (Record player, PC, Playstation).

When switching inputs back to the Roku, it will often occur that I will get audio, but no video.  The TV indicates no video signal.  When I fist got my Roku 4, it did not happen often, but it happened more and more.  A factory reset made it happen less, but it got worse again.  I replaced the 4 with an Ultra and now it is happening again.

I will say it happens most often when launching the Youtube app when casting from a phone, but switching to the roku input by any means can cause it.

The only fix I have is to reboot the roku, then it works fine for a little while.

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Re: no video output

My first suspicion is that the HDMI cable isn't rated at 18 Gbps. When I had a Roku 4 with my Samsung TV, it was just fine with 4K material. However, when I replaced it with the Ultra, I immediately had video issues. They were resolved after I replaced the HDMI cable from the Roku to the Yamaha and the Yamaha to the TV with Amazon Basics certified cables. I paid less than $10 for both, and never had a video issue since. 

The Ultra supports HDR, which the 4 did not. That alone requires the higher rated bandwidth cables. 


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