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mixed media folders

I use Roku Media Player to access home videos (mp4) stored on an external drive connected to a PC with minimal challenges.

After I attend a musical event I like to store mixed media in one folder: video files (mp4) of the performance, the program (PDF), and digital photos (JPG).  Is RMP capable of seeing all these file types in one folder?

What are the capabilities of RMP for mixed file content in one folder?


thank you

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Level 10

Re: mixed media folders

It works fine for mixed types such as mp4 and jpg but no support for pdf (you could scan the program into a supported image type such as jpg also) 

not really sure what your question is though since you say you are already using RMP on your files?

note that a file named folder.jpg will allow the media player icon for the folder to be displayed



Roku Ultra 4660X
RokuOS 9.4.0 build 4200
Sony Bravia 55A8G TV
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