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miracast issue on Roku Streaming Stick +


Miracast from my Win10 to my stick does not work. My PC is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable and my roku is connected on the wi-fi. Do both of them have to be connected on the wi-fi or cable for one and wi-fi for the other is supposed to work?

My setup:
Roku Streaming Stick + (3810, 3811 series) with latest update
windows 10 (latest update)
Me = admin rights

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Re: miracast issue on Roku Streaming Stick +

I have the Roku Streaming+ unit too and have done exhaustive research and it's my understanding that mirroring does not work with this product.

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Re: miracast issue on Roku Streaming Stick +

I forgot to add "with Windows 10".

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Re: miracast issue on Roku Streaming Stick +

Same problem but I stumbled across one specific situation that worked.  I have to connect ROKU and WIN10 to my 5ghz wifi network and set the ROKU device to PROMPT then mirroring works but may take several connect attempts.  Guess you can only try that if you have 5ghz wifi network on your router.

But that doesn't work when connect them to my 2.4ghz wifi network on the same router.  Mainly use mirroring when traveling but most hotels do not have 5ghz so can't really use it for travel.

Also have a ROKU streaming stick (without plus) and that works very well since I got it but not on the 5ghz network.


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