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how to solve frequent buffering and loading issues

I have experienced frequent buffering and loading issues with two streaming services now --Playstation VUE and now YouTube TV.   I have a Roku Express and fast fiber connection through Frontier (all my other apps on Roku do not have a problem with loading).  The solution Roku recommends is to reset the router, but I have done this many times before and it does not solve the frequent buffering.  This happens even if other devices in the house are not being used.  

My question is:  Would clearing the cache solve this problem?  If so, what is the simplest way to do this on Roku Express?  Would newer Roku models work better?  

NOTE: Ran speed test today and it showed a download speed of 69 MBps and upload speed of 74.1 Mbs

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Re: how to solve frequent buffering and loading issues

I am having the same problem. Just started happening yesterday. Seems to be getting worse. I did reset the router, but that did nothing. What should I do?

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Re: how to solve frequent buffering and loading issues

try Settings/Display type>> set to 720p

take out any MicroSD memory and

Settings/System/System restart.

Good Luck

Is it Channel specific?

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