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home screen pixelated

My home screen is pixelated all of a sudden it was working fine .. I tried resetting and disconnecting it nothing has worked. I can open Netflix from my remote & works fine . Also when I do a reset the startup screen looks fine but home screen is pixelated let’s me scroll through but just see different pixel patterns 😑. Bad hdmi? I haven’t changed anything but I don’t see why the other apps would work fine if it was that

Level 18

Re: home screen pixelated

Thats a new one. What are your display Settings? 1080p 720p....?

What is your roku Model number?

Try fiddling with Settings/Theme>>Wallpapers

I use Graphene.

 Turn seasonal Themes OFF

If you are using a MicroSD memory yank it out and reset again.

Could be a screwy Hdmi cable or socket obviously switch those around as you can.

I'd be interested in knowing how and what happens let us know.

Good Luck post a screen shot from your phone if you can.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
Level 7

Re: home screen pixelated

I turned off the seasonal themes and it corrected my Home Screen. Thank you for this information!

Level 7

Re: home screen pixelated

Thank you for the advice! I recently changed my themed wallpaper and after reading your advice, I defaulted back to my original and it is no longer a pixelated screen! : )