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dolby vision way too dark using HDR on PS5 - PS5 HDR works great on non-dolby vision TV

---- The Issue ----

Model No. 55S525 - series 5 with Dolby Vision

- Turning HDR on in the PS5 yields a very dark picture. Colors are faded. 

- Image of dark HDR

- Turning off HDR in the PS5 yields a vibrant rich 4k SDR picture. 

- Image of SDR


Model No. 55S405 - series 4 with standard HDR

- Turning HDR on in the PS5 yields a great looking and properly functioning HDR experience


*I have the settings the exact same on both TVs.

*The PS5 does not support Dolby Vision so there is some kind of issue flawing the HDR information on model 55S525. The issue is either with the TV or with the PS5. Model No. 55S525 supports HDR10 so it should be sending HDR10 signal to the PS5 (since PS5 doesnt support Dolby Vision).

Is there anyway to turn Dolby Vision off and use standard HDR10? It is strange that streaming services such as Netflix look great with Dolby Vision but once I start up an xbox or ps5 the HDR/Dolby vision is extremely dark.


If anyone has any information to provide I would greatly appreciate it.


*** update ***

i spoke to playstation. they said it is either the monitor/TV or the cord. it is not the cord as the cord works fine. i plugged in my xbox one slim in model no. 55S525. MY GOD is the Dolby Vision / HDR soooo dark. Apparently Model No. 55S525 just displays extremely dark dolby vision / HDR. Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a defective TV?

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Level 10

Re: dolby vision way too dark using HDR on PS5 - PS5 HDR works great on non-dolby vision TV

It was the update, no doubt about it now. It’s doing a lot worse to other TVs. Good job roku,great firmware.

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