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device down rant

my device has been down for two days 11/25/-11/26/ 2020. no info for tech support. can not get a hold of anyone for help. other people i know have same problem. this company realy sucks big time. they sell a product and when you need to talk to a person, no contact info what so ever. just cause we have the situation going on there is no reason to not have phone number to talk to a person for help. other companys have the support for help, people to talk to. i will be buying an other device for my tv.

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Re: device down rant


You could try "can not wifi connect after v9.4 update" in the search bar at the top.

Roku has merged several topics into one.  You may find some help if you read through the pages.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: device down rant


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing?

With more information we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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