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Level 10

Re: audio issues playing files from usb Drive

@Mr_Boom wrote:

Agree it some codec not being read correctly. The thing is that before they did a system update it worked perfectly fine. If you could revert I would but if you do it will auto update in a day. Roku software team has dropped the ball, it’s been too long an issue without a fix. 

Well it looks like they (Roku) won. They ignored the problem and stalled for over 6 months and the users have given up trying to get support from a company that obviously doesn’t care about their customers. 
Well done, Roku, but time will tell who has the last word. I look forward to the day when your pathetic company disappears.

Level 8

Re: audio issues playing files from usb Drive

Issue ID 04-442-392

Roku Media player

Fix or update the codec so that it can play AAC audio files in H264 video. Everything uses this and currently a loud repeating static sound is heard when playing videos. If your audio is H264 in MP3 then it plays fine. It been almost a year now. JUST FIX IT. READ ALL THE THREADS ABOUT IT 

Level 9

Re: audio issues playing files from usb Drive

Thank God this issue is finally fixed now. Can't believe it took them eight months to fix it.