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Youtubetv app bad video quality on network channels

I realize this has been discussed in the past, but hoping for some updated info. I run two Ultras; both provide quality streams on everything except YTTV app, which recently has begun providing choppy/pixelated video mostly on network channels, -- NBC, FOX, etc. -- most notable while watching sports. My broadband speed is fast, and watching same streams via two different TVs internal YTTV apps gives a perfect image. Also other apps on Roku, such as Netflix, HBO, etc, show perfect image quality. This seems to be a unique YTTV/Roku issue. I've tried tweaking all the display settings and streaming speed settings, multiple reboots, etc., but no improvement. Is this just a chronic condition for Roku's YTTV app? In my experience it has gotten way worse in the past month or two. If it can't be fixed I'll be done with Roku, which has plenty of other tempermental issues as well (don't get me started on the Prime Video app's lip-synch issues!) Thanks for any guidance. 

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Re: Youtubetv app bad video quality on network channels

This happened to me as well. When you are watching something that is blurry hit the down button three times on the Roku remote. It will take you to a setting to change the resolution. For some reason the auto will select a resolution much lower than it should be sometimes.

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