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YouTube sync among devices

Hey guys, 

I got a TCL roku TV recently - love everything about it. Today it started doing something really weird while I was casting a YouTube queue directly to my Roku TV from my cell phone youtube app. 

My queue somehow automatically is also syncing with my iPad (which of course is on the same WiFi network). This queue continues to sync even when I sign out of my YouTube account on the iPad. Basically before I was able to watch two different things on my iPad / iPhone simultaneously, and now if device is casting to Roku TV YouTube, I can no longer watch a different video on my other device. 

This just started recently whereas it was not an issue for several weeks since having my Roku TV. Pretty inconvenient when I am forced to watch “wheels on the bus” with my kids instead of being able to wind down with my own videos on another device. 

I have tried to google other settings regarding YouTube sync across devices and haven’t had any luck. This only seems to happen when one device is casting to the TV. Otherwise both devices are independent of each other. 

Would appreciate any insight! 

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Re: YouTube sync among devices

Make sure that your Roku TV and your cellphone are connected to same network. 


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