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YouTube aspect ratio bug on Roku TV



I have noticed a bug on the YouTube app on Roku TV’s. I watch a lot of non-HD content (4:3 aspect ratio) and although I am able to switch the picture size on both my Roku TVs, a TCL 65 inch and a JVC 50 inch to fill the screen on non-HD content on other apps built into the TV like Netflix, Prime video, WWE network, and others when I try to do the same thing on the built in YouTube app all that happens is it zooms in the picture, but does not get rid of the black boarders on the sides of the screen.


This however, does not happen when I access the YouTube app from an external Roku device or a PS4. So, this bug appears to only affect the built-in YouTube app on Roku TVs. Is there any way that this could be fixed so I do not have to use an external device?


Thanks for your time.

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