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YouTube app on roku 2

I’ve had my roku2 for years. Twitch went away but YouTube still there and I use it all day cause I’m bedridden. Can’t even hold a laptop. So i either use my roku to watch it on tv or play with a tiny cell phone which I’m writing on now.    So I open the YouTube app as always. It freezes there on the main screen with all the icon tiles for like half a minute can’t do anything then it either says YouTube like it’s opening or else it doesn’t snd then either way or restarts my roku. All the way back to the r o k u letters popping into picture. My power light flashes once or twice or shuts off for a bit longer and does it. So basically opening YouTube reboots the roku. 

it isn’t my internet or wifi. I checked snd restarted my router. I dc the roku from everything let it sit for five min then hooked back up like from out of box. I uninstalled YouTube, powered off, reinstalled, powered off snd then moved the icon snd tried to open.  Nope. That is all It says to do on the topic. Uninstall power down reinstall power down then u fine.   That did nothing. It is not a problem ive seen before. And roku doesn’t give a **bleep** about an older player like mine. I can’t work and can’t afford a new one. This is all I have. So I really need help here. Bot asking for a handout to buy a new anything. Someone please help me fox this YouTube glitch which started yesterday or get the lazy bastards on the phone.

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Re: YouTube app on roku 2

I hate to say it, but your Roku 2 is very old and possibly just past its useful life.

I have seen several reports of Youtube crashing older Rokus, so it's possible they put out a bad update and will fix it, but you should be complaining to Google/Youtube, not Roku.  An Express is pretty cheap and will probably solve all your problems.

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