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YouTube Ads causing bandwidth saver to trigger

My husband and I are noise/ light dependent when we sleep and YouTube is our app of choice as unlike Netflix it doesn't bother you if you've binged 'too long'. After the latest update I was pissed to find my YouTube started doing it to us too. I've already turned off the bandwidth saver after being woken up many times middle of the night to the annoying "are you still watching" nag screen and thought I'd actually get some rest now. Instead, I discovered it wasn't being triggered by the 4 hour limit, but by ads. Each time an ad ends, the nag screen pops up and pauses the video then shuts the TV off with no response. I've messed around with settings a bunch and even limited the ad tracking but still am having issues. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

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Re: YouTube Ads causing bandwidth saver to trigger

it's not roku,bandwidth saver,or the ads.


i tried this twice on my play list (starting at 2 different videos)and neither time did an ad show before the popup.

the popup came at the start of the eleventh video.


pick longer videos.


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