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Xfinity stream app problem

I have a Roku 2 and I'm having a problem with the Xfinity Stream app.  For whatever reason, only the Weather Channel is not working.  Every other channel works fine.  Trying to stream that channel gives an error of TVAPP-00230.  I've tried on a total of 3 Rokus now (all the same model) and have the same problem on all of them.  I talked with Comcast for a while, and they said everything is fine on their end, and if this is happening on only Rokus, then it's Roku's problem.  I really don't know where to go with this.  Any ideas?

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Re: Xfinity stream app problem

I've got the exact same issue and it's NOT a Roku issue.  Xfinity has an issue with the way they are supplying the video stream to the app itself.  Xfinity has no interest in fixing their streaming app because then you wouldn't need to rent their boxes...  give that some thought...

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