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Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

Not sure if these bugs are specifically just with my Ultra working with my LG CX or if these are across other streaming platforms and TVs.  I've had the ultra for a day and am experiencing 3 bugs:

1) Dolby Vision won't play on the Roku. Tried with Netflix and Disney, the content won't come up as DV. I changed a setting to change the HDR Always On to Off and that works until I turn the TV off. Once it's back on the settings stayed but the content won't play in Dolby Vision again. You have to go back and do it again.  Messing with the HDR subsampling didn't fix it.  Seems like this problem has been around since October. This is a big issue.

2) When playing content if you turn off the TV and turn it back on, the screen goes black.  You can still hear the content but you can't see anything.  You must click on HOME, turn the TV off again. Once the "HDCP Error" screen briefly flashed before going away.  This is a minor but annoying issue. 

3) Youtube stutter issue.  When Audio is set to anything but Dolby it will cut in and out every second.  If you set to any Dolby audio this will work as a temporary fix but for me the Dolby Plus settings make a constant crackly noise.  The problem is fixed but when navigating youtube there is a somewhat loud "crack" noise that happens when you hit the back button.  Not sure if changing to Dolby Digital sound setting messes around with any other apps but I had the impression it was not as loud when i did this.  This is annoying but not necessarily a huge deal at this point.

If it can't play Dolby Vision reliably without a lot of effort, it's not worth the money to me.  I'm assuming I can't get a refund after a certain point.  Advice needed:  I already wrote up support tickets, so do i just wait and see if they can fix it and return it by whatever refund deadline there is?  Or do I just hold on indefinitely assuming they'll eventually work it out?

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

With my C7, I've never experienced 1 - 2 happens on occasion (not specific to the 4800), but never 1.

I'm not sure how to address 3, since your use of the term "Dolby" is a bit non-specific:  There are lots of supported Dolby audio modes, from DD to DD+ or DD+/Atmos or DTHD/Atmos or MAT 2.0/Atmos - "anything but Dolby" would be PCM stereo or DTS.  

Manual configuration is limited to PCM, DD, DD+ and the last two in combination with DTS.  You can't set it to DTS alone, it must be with DD or DD+, so the only "anything but Dolby" mode supported is effectively PCM stereo.

So essentially you are saying in PCM stereo mode the sound cuts in and out every second w/YT. 

As a test I configured the 4800 for every audio mode:  Auto-detect, Auto passthrough, Manual PCM/DD/DD+/DD&DTS/DD+&DTS - not once did the sound stutter every second (or ever) with YT or any other app I tried.

"Auto-detect" transcodes/converts everything to the connected device's highest detected Dolby audio level (be it DD or MAT 2.0/Atmos). "Auto-passthrough" leaves audio in its native format. Manual selection converts/limits audio to whatever the selected mode is.

"Auto-passthrough" is recommended for nearly all scenarios.

If you haven't already tested it directly connected to your CX instead of your AVR/soundbar (and vice versa), I suggest you do so, at least for troubleshooting purposes.

This is not to say that problem isnt real or legit, but it may be limited to very specific hardware/software configurations/combinations.

Assuming you've tested/checked all these again with the latest 9.4.1-4212 build (released 2 days ago, not that there wont be more updates in the near future), its "buyers option" - its up to you how you want to proceed, and only you can determine that.

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

Hello, thanks for the response.  Concerning issue #3, I'll try to describe it again.  On YouTube, the sounds stutters cutting out for a moment every ~1 sec. I looked on Roku Forums and it is a known problem without an official solution so far.  I'll link below.  One person had suggested trying to manually adjust the Audio on the Roku by going to Settings -> Audio -> HDMI.  There will be 7 choices.  Auto-detect, Auto passthrough, PCM-Stereo, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital DTS, Dolby Digital Plus DTS.  It's default set to Auto-detect and changing it to Auto Passthrough or PCM-Stereo produces the same stutter.  Any of the 4 Dolby-related options will stop the stutter.  For my setup, the options with DTS produce a constant crackling noise, not just in YT but even on the home screen. 

I took the sound bar out of the situation and just went straight to the internal speakers of the TV.  Still the same.  I just got the Ultra yesterday night, so it's up to date as far as I know.  It's running 9.4.1 build 4212-C2. 

I was using a Roku streaming sticking (i don't remember which one, non-4k though) with my old LED TV just a week or so ago, and I had no issues with YouTube at all.  

Strangely enough, for right now it seems like the issues 1 and 2 with Dolby Vision have cleared up.  Don't ask me how but right now it's not an issue. When i turn the TV on an off it keeps the ability to do Dolby Vision.  In fact it's not even giving me the black screen anymore when turn it back on.  I don't know why.

Did I play around with the settings and adjust something without realizing it?  Not sure.  I have auto-adjust display refresh rate ON now, i think i turned it off earlier.  HDR Subsampling is on 4:2:2 and HDR Always On is turned Off.  Or did something weird happen with the Roku this morning but somehow resolved itself now?  I'm not gonna question it.  If the Dolby Vision thing is fixed, i'll keep the Ultra for sure

I use YouTube all the time but at least I can access it directly with my LG TV.  I could keep the sound on Dolby Digital instead of Auto-Detect, but to me it doesn't sound as good as Auto Detect.  I played the same section on Mandolorian and I feel auto-detect was better (audio wise).  Not ideal of course as I want everything to go through the Roku, so hopefully the bug gets worked out.

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

I've seen that thread and all the reports, seems to be limited to latest model year TVs (mostly LGs).

Considering its a known issue affecting their highest-end newest device with higher-end newer TVs, and @RokuDanny-R is passing along configuration information to the firmware engineers, there is a very high likelihood this will be addressed/fixed sooner rather than later, so that may factor into your refund/return decision.

(its also entirely possible a new firmware update for the CX with EDID audio device/config etc updates may address it as well).

Regardless, if you're keeping it, and YT is the only app affected, I'd highly recommend putting it in auto-passthrough mode generally (you don't want it transcoding everything), then switching it whatever works best (for now) for YT, or leaving it there and using the (much better IMHO) WebOS YT app.

(Overall, I'd suggest/recommend using the CX's built-in apps primarily, and using the 4800 for apps the CX doesnt have...)

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

Thanks! That's probably good advice. The Wand for the LG took some getting used to, but all in all its good, but the interface is a little complex. I thought about just sticking with the LG WebOS as it has most major apps but there were a handful that I'd miss and when the black friday price came for the ultra it seemed like a good deal stay in the Roku world.

Thanks for the advice!

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

I'm having issues with the Roku Ultra 2020 that I've never had with either of my previous Roku Ultras (2018 or 2019) on the exact same equipment (Marantz AV8805 and Epson 6050UB). I "upgraded" when the 2020 went on sale for Black Friday because of the added features, but I'm probably going to return it and get an Nvidia Shield Pro due to all of the issues I've had, as well as those reported by so many others.  

Here're the issues I've had in just the few short days I've owned it:

1) YouTube audio stuttering for several seconds when either starting or resuming videos after pause, rewind, and fastforward.

2) Apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) only playing video content in the top left corner of the screen while the timeline and mercy boards act as intended across the screen - this seems to have at least been temporarily resolved by doing a system restart in the Roku settings.

Not sure where Roku got sideways with their supposed latest and greatest streaming device, but it's been a terrible experience for me and I'm really tired of trying to solve the issues myself by reading through Roku self-help forums for hours.

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

Hi Reaxions, did you contact Roku's support directly? They do at least open a ticket on your problem and stay in email contact with you about it until it eventually gets resolved.  But it could be weeks or months even. There was an issue with Hulu like zooming in on content after commercial breaks. IDK if that was a roku or a hulu problem but the problem was on the boards for months I think. I started experiencing it but it did eventually resolve after a couple of weeks by the time i noticed it

NVIDIA Shield Pro seems like it might be kind of expensive.  But if you can afford it and this Ultra just won't work, why not?  What about trying like the new Google TV?  It's got 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision apparently, not as many apps of course but it does have HBO MAX, but i think for some crazy reason it might not have Netflix or something.  It's only like $50 too.  But obviously I hope the Ultra works out

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

I have the same YT/Netflix stuttering (even using directional up/down pad through home menu, you can hear it miss the 'click' every so often.   Related to issue #3 of yours.

Choosing the last Audio option,  which gets me the Dolby Atmos I'm after (main reason i bought the 2020), as i'm installing Atmos (4 height) speakers in a couple weeks to actually put my Anthem MRX 1120 to work.

I have a 65" LG U7700 something (don't recall exact model number) and have had it for a few years,  it doesn't support DV but i don't care (yet).     What I do care about, is audio.

I also have an issue that you have not mentioned.    I had the 2018 Roku Ultra previously and it's been working flawlessly.   Roku-->MRX 1120-->LG TV.      I had ARC/CEC enabled, and power from the Roku Remote controls the TV power which also controls the MRX 1120's power, everything was simple/good.

Fast forward to 3-4 days with the 2020 Roku Ultra, aside from the band-aid for the 'Auto Detect' on the audio,  I now have an issue that prevents the Roku remote from controlling my darn volume.   I assume the LG TV is sending the command over CEC.    The second I disconnect (e.g. pull power) the Roku Ultra (2020),  the volume controls work again and my MRX 1120 volume goes up/down using the roku remote through the LG TV.     Not sure what to make of that.    I haven't yet opened a case with Roku but I will be soon.    I was hoping the latest firmware from 2 days ago was actually gonna fix it, but alas,  it did not.    I'm not one that likes HDR, and sometimes I also get no display if I don't go into my TV and enable HDR DeepColor on my HDMI input.     I'm keeping it, I want Atmos,  just frustrating i'm back to using 2 remotes.  



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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

Totally hear you on that.  The dream for me is using one remote and only the roku everything.  I know it's a small problem and of course a very "first world" problem, but i do want the youtube audio issue resolved so 1 remote is all I need to worry about

It's looking like i'm going to be keeping the Ultra.  There's a fix for #1 and #2.  #3 is something i'm hoping will get solved soon and I feel encouraged that Roku seems aware of it.  I opened a ticket with them on all 3 issues and so far they've just given me the generic articles and troubleshooting.  But it seems like it is being discussed on forums, so that's good.

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Re: Will Roku Ultra bugs eventually get worked out?

You have to understand that the latest cutting edge stuff has a greater chance

of being problematic. Tried and true means just that. Im fine with my simple high powered stereo.

YouTube I occasionally watch but prefer to pass it through my desktop where I can block ads.

I've never had any of these problems. I also have a very fast net connection that is not part of any




Roku Ultra (4800 series) 

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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