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Why does nothing sync anymore?

I have a streaming stick on a Panasonic Viera TV and also a Roku TV. Same issue on both. Almost every single channel has audio/video syncing issues. If you want a list, check your "available channel" guide. Seriously. Britbox and Acorn are the only ones without problems. Evem the Roku channel lags! Hulu was so bad I canceled my subsctiption. Prime can be fixed by rewinding for a few seconds every hour or so.  This was never a problem until about 6 months ago. I have reset, uninstalled, reinstalled, unplugged, rebooted, etc. until I'm sick of it. The apps blame Roku, Roku blames the apps. Is it even possible to get this to work for more than 5 minuts at a time? Please.....

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Re: Why does nothing sync anymore?

I absolutely agree. I have no help but I do think we as consumers need to start filing complaints. Their "help" involved blaming anything but Roku.

Six months ago I did not have streaming. But it is about the same time that the powers that be decided that net neutrality interfered with corporate profit and therefore declared the consumer irrelevant. Companies can basically throttle the account at anytime without recourse. Is this the real reason that all concerned just blame each other?

It was insinuated to me that it was a britbox issue but when you go to the wider community, it is obvious that many people have a lot of problems with many of the apps. This assertion by Roku reps is absolutely WRONG on many levels.

I believe I will returning the Roku and look for a better device. Or stick with my antenna tv and digital recorder.

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