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When speakers plugged into computer, get no sound on tv when mirroring to ROKU

My last computer monitor (which bit the dust last week) had built-in speakers.  I was able to mirror both sound and picture to Roku when I had that monitor.  Now I am using a monitor without built-in speakers.  Now there are external speakers which plug into my computer.  I am still able to  mirror the picture from my computer (Windows 10 Home Edition) to the TV.  I am able to mirror the sound to my TV as well AS LONG AS the speakers are NOT plugged into my computer.  As soon as I connect the speakers to my computer, the audio no longer mirrors to Roku.  It is annoying to have to repeatedly connect & disconnect the external speakers to the computer so I am hoping there is a solution for this.

When I right click on the sound icon in Windows and go to Sound settings, there is only one device listed which is the external speakers.  There are no other devices listed to choose from.  I never had to mess with sound settings when the sound was previously coming from built-in speakers in monitor.

Any suggestions will be welcome.  I have reviewed other audio mirroring posts but none seem to address this particular situation. Thank you.

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