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When connected to airplay, plays briefly and then stops

I connect with airplay just fine on my iPhone. Once connected and I press play on my phone. The video lasts about 30 seconds, and then stops playing. I press play again and it starts at the beginning. No matter what I do it cannot go past 30-40 seconds without it stopping and then restarting at the beginning when I play again. Same thing happened to my bf who connected on his computer to watch a live game wouldn’t continue to play past 30 seconds. Btw I have all the updated software on my roku tv. It worked right when you guys first came out with the airplay and then stopped working shortly after.

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Level 7

Re: When connected to airplay, plays briefly and then stops

I have the same issue when using Airplay from an iPad. Picture and audio works for 10 seconds, then the Roku Streaming Stick + abruptly stops and returns to the Airplay screen.  Confirmed same network, restarted all devices, all software up to date.  Worked last week, doesn’t work anymore.

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