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What's wrong with my HDMI cables?

Just purchased a Roku Ultra. 

I got it hooked up, it ran its updates and I began setting up all of our streaming services. After a while I realized something was wrong:

All the UIs work, even the animated effects and Roku screensavers. But when I want to watch an actual video, I get audio, subtitles, progress bar, all the menu icons and whatnot, BUT NO VIDEO! The screen is blank! And this is across Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, everything as far as I can tell.

I have the Roku located in a closet, with HDMI cables run behind baseboards along to the floor to our tv. In the closet, and behind the tv, I have HDMI wall outlets. 

Now, if I connect the Roku directly to my TV, it appears to be working! So there's something going on with my hidden HDMI cables.

Odd thing is my PS4 has no problems with the in-wall HDMI cables, nor did my Fios cable box.

What's wrong with my cables?

HDMI wall outlets:
HDMI cables:


A friend suggested it may be the HDCP copyright protection that's kicking in, and it appears he's correct.

When I connect the Roku using only the in-wall HDMI cable, it works! Even when I then reconnect the wall outlets, the video keeps playing. But when I reboot the Roku, it's back to square one: No video, just a blank screen.

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