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What happened to Roku?

I used to love my Rokus as the interface was clean and fast and rock solid. But with the advent of 4K and the voice search "feature", I've had nothing but problems with my Ultra. 
First I was getting DCHP errors.I updated to v.9.0.0 of the firmware which solved the error but introduced blinking of the picture every few minutes ( occurs on all channels, even home screen and screensaver).

Some of the programs on Amazon Prime have severe audio sync issues (programs play fine on smart TV and Tivo apps). Also, the voice search can't seem to find ANY shows with the words "garden", "gardening", or "restore" in the title. 

But the truly infuriating part is their dismal "support". The chat and phone support agents tell you to reboot the device and change the HDMI cable. When that doesn't work they tell you to NOT try and watch in 4K. Um, I bought a 4K TV and the Ultra to watch TV in 4K! Also, I have yet to get a response from ANY email support requests. They also LOVE to blame the app developers. "Don't blame us. We're just lowly hardware manufacturers."

Roku has had the opportunity to be a key player for helping users to cut the cable cord. However, their hardware, software and especially "support" is far inferior to that of the cable companies I have dealt with. With the built in apps in smart TVs, and Google and Amazon devices, Roku is becoming less and less relevant. 
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Re: What happened to Roku?

Sounds like you got a lemon.  I love my Ultra and considering this site isn't littered with the issues you're describing I have to assume it's a one-off.  I can't speak to Roku support, I sense they aren't as responsive as they could be but I don't have much firsthand experience.

"Smart TV's" still seem dumb to me.  I expect a TV to last a LONG time.  My current primary screen is a 2009, 54" Panasonic 1080P plasma and I have no thoughts of replacing it.  The "apps" in it are so obsolete as to be totally useless.  If I were buying a brand new TV today should I expect the apps to be relevant and supported for 10 to 15 years?  I'm much happier with sub $100 Roku's that I can replace whenever the apps and technology demands.

I'm all-in on Amazon, mostly, but I don't want to have a content provider developing my streaming hardware.  I also love my Google Chromecast Audio's for music but I don't want to have to rely on my phone, or anybody else's to be in the path of all of my video streaming.

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Re: What happened to Roku?

Roku 'Offshore' Support works as well as anyone's 'Offshore' Support - not very well. By design it's only there to provide a voice on the other end of the telephone, rarely does anything to correct a problem, and generally only provides an irritant to help seekers in that you can't understand a word that's being spoken. You do recognize it as English, but that's about it.

If I'm desperate enough (happened a few times years ago) I will (have in the past) call a telephone number. Unless an American answers (you can tell in under 2 seconds), I hang up 'cause it's going nowhere from there.

I can't say Roku is any different from anybody else in this regard. It is the nature of the (modern) beast. 

You found this forum, however. You've reached the apex of "support".
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