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Weird glitching going on with my Directv service

This is a really weird issue. I have Roku hooked up to my Harmony and I switch to my Directv dish receiver. So Roku shouldn't be involved, in any of the display to the TV, but the cable box is acting really weird and is glitching and sometimes I see the Directv box stops displaying and the TV goes into power saving mode. When I turn off the system and turn it on, the issue goes away, until the next time.

I am thinking a) either the Roku is interfering somehow with Directv signal or somehow b) Roku device is also trying to display to the TV, since the Roku device never is turned off. 

So I disconnected from power and so far so good. The Directv and Roku device are in the same cabinet, so they are close by. 

Anyone seen anything like this weird?

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